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The First Shot Rang Out
Duck Lake Regional Interpretive Centre
Duck Lake , Saskatchewan


   This exhibit, “The First
Shot That Rang Out,” takes a
look at the Battle of Duck
Lake, the first armed
encounter of the 1885 North
West Uprising. The Battle
took place between the Métis,
along with their supporters,
and the North West Mounted
Police, who were aided by a

group of volunteers.
   In order to help you
understand the Battle of Duck
Lake, we have provided
several storylines giving
different perspectives on the
events. The museum’s
interpretation of the events
leading up to the battle and
the battle itself uses only

known facts about how the
actual battle took place. We
then have storylines
representing the points of
view of the three different
groups of people involved
with the battle. These are
the Métis version, the First
Nations version, and the
civilian and military

version, each being told by
an individual who is
representative of their group
and who was involved with the
events or had direct
connections to those
   We have also included
short biographies on key
people involved with the

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