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The Joy of Effort - A History of Physical Activity

Two young lads out for a hunt on their snowshoes.
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A group of skaters on the Indian river. A hockey game is on in the background.
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A group of lads pose with their sticks before strapping on the blades for a game of shinny.
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An Almonte Hockey team takes a time out from an outdoor game to pose.
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Teams from the Almonte Ladies Ball Hockey League face off at the Almonte Arena.
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Soccer has become very popular with the youth of Almonte.
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'New' style skates.
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Old skates, the kind you had to screw on to your boot or shoe.
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R.Tait McKenzie paddles his birch bark canoe on the mill pond formed by the Indian River.
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Ice Bird (1921) Bronze.  This sculpture is of Gustaf Lussi, a Swiss skater.
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McKenzie in his honourary robes.
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Almonte fans invade Arnprior for a lively game.
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Running back Matt Rice adds a few more yards to his impressive season numbers.
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Dustin James, #32, and the rest of the Thunderbolt defence line up against a tough Arnprior offence.
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Mat Metcalfe attempts a field goal at the National Capital Bowl semi final game in Nepean.
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Fullback Simon Binder takes the ball a little closer to the goal line.
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QB Don Hickey looks deep for an open receiver as the Thunderbolts take on the Crestwood Mustangs.
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Matt Rice charges upfield for another couple of yards.
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