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The Joy of Effort - A History of Physical Activity

Bennie’s Corners Baseball Team c. 1920. Photograph taken at the N.L.A.S. fairgrounds.
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Jovial Sports - Bennie’s Corners Ball Team 1890’s.
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Bennie's Corners Baseball team jersey. Manufactured at the Rosamond Woolen Mill in Almonte.
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Bennie's Corners Baseball Team.
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An old baseball bat and baseball.
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The nucleus of the great Union Hall 'Tiger' Baseball teams. Starting on the warpath, 1915.
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The Bennie's Corner baseball team practicing.
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A mixed baseball team from Bennie's Corners. They won the championship that year.
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The Commencement Programme from Almonte High School for 1929.
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Pyramid building demonstration. A long standing tradition at the Almonte High School Commencement.
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John L. Sullivan before his last race in 1951.
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Old wooden tennis racquet c.1900s.
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Almonte Tennis Club
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The Snedden family and friends enjoy a game of tennis at the Manse in Blakeney in the early 1900's.
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Program of Events and prize list for the Rural School Fair of 1934 at N.L.A.S. grounds in Almonte.
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The inside of the program for the 1934 Rural School Fair.
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The students of SS number 10, before the parade of schools at the Rural School Fair in Almonte.
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Three legged race at the Junior farmers picnic at McCullough's landing on Mississippi Lake.
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