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The Joy of Effort - A History of Physical Activity
Mill of Kintail Conservation Area
Lanark , Ontario


   The following
acknowledgement was recorded
in the Almonte Gazette around
   "Its manufacturers have
given it a worldwide fame.
With all its advantages,
unlimited water power and an
energetic population, it must
yet become a large and

important centre."
   The caption describes the
town of Almonte. It is quite
fitting that the author
describes the population as
"energetic." From its very
early beginnings, the
citizens of Almonte have
always been physically
active, whether it was the

demanding labour the early
settlers undertook to carve
out the homesteads or the
more organized recreational
activities they sought to
relieve stress and enjoy one
another’s company. Almonte’s
rich sporting heritage is
something to be proud of,
something worth sharing. This

exhibit was conceived with
that idea. Two of its most
famous citizens, Dr. Robert
Tait McKenzie and Dr. James
Naismith, were born and
raised in this community and
went on to inspire the lives
of thousands if not millions.
Both were pioneers in the
field of physical education.

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