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Restoration of the Doucet House - Phase 1

A view of the Doucet House from behind the building in the weeks before it is to be restored.
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The sidewalls of the protective barn are set up around the Doucet House.
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A sandstone foundation will be constructed for the house.
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The steel beam shown here is used to suspend the building as the foundation is placed underneath.
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The rafters of the protective barn are mounted to the walls.
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The rafters of the protective building are mounted to its walls.
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The protective barn is completed.  Work on the house can now begin.
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A picture from inside the house.
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The floor beams of the house are supported by steel and wooden beams.
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Rotten logs
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New logs replace old rotten logs on the walls of the house.
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Guide wires used to strengthen the structure
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Here is how the dovetailed ends fit together.
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The skill of our local carpenters was used to restore the Doucet House.
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A furnace is used to heat the protective building covering the house during the winter months.
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The gable end from the left side of the house.
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A view from inside the house.
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Local carpenters hew the pine logs which gives them an authentic appearance.
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