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Restoration of the Doucet House - Phase 1
Farmers' Bank of Rustico
Hunter River , Prince Edward Island


   This exhibit chronicles
the restoration of the Doucet
House which began in January
2003 and ended eight months
later in August. The Doucet
House is an old Acadian log
home and quite possibly the
oldest house on Prince Edward
Island. Doucets owned the
house from around 1770 until

1982 and it is said that Mass
was held there by Father
James MacDonald when there
was no church in the Rustico
area of Prince Edward Island.
It could have been demolished
in 1999 as the owner of the
home wanted to build a new
one; however, recognizing its
historical importance, he

offered it to any caring
group in the community. The
Friends of the Farmersí Bank
accepted his offer and had
the home moved a few
kilometers to a property
adjacent to the Farmersí Bank
of Rustico in December 1999.
Through the use of
architectural diagrams,

pictures, and spoken audio
you will learn about the
Doucet House, its
restoration, and how it was
moved from its sandstone
foundation to rest at its
current location. Included
are some pictures of
additional buildings which
have been erected to make the

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