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Cape Breton's North Highlands: An Enduring Community

Scouts of Truro visit St. Paul's Island and discover a porthole on the island
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Letter from Truro Scouts detailing the origins of the porthole they found during their 1976 visit.
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Return letter to the Scouts from Thomas E. Appleton
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Artistic rendering of the vessel The Norwegian
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Lighthouse keeper and child dressed warmly outside Beacon Building in the Fall
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"Scouts Discover Answer to 1976 Porthole Mystery"
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Logbook from Lighthouse keeper- Includes weather and ice reports from various lightkeepers that year
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Log book from St. Paul's Island's Lightkeeper
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Sample page from St. Paul's Island Lightkeeper's Log Book
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St Paul's Log book
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Sample page from 1977 log book
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Newspaper article on St. Paul's Island "The Graveyard of the Gulf"
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St. Paul's "The Graveyard of the Gulf" continued
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Lighthouse lens bulb from light at St. Paul's Island.  From set of bulbs inside lens.
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Instrument for measuring the tide
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"It was the Spring of 1903" Poem
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"It was the spring of 1903" Poem Continued
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