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Cape Breton's North Highlands: An Enduring Community

Clearing ice of the skidway on the north islet in winter
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Rough waters in the Tittle
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After a storm the sea is calm, but the ice lays thick over the island
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Lightkeepers house thickly covered in ice from sea spray
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After a storm, to get out, a window was kicked out and the door was freed with axes
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St. Paul's in the winter. The Station's steps are frozen solid due to freezing spary
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Ice build up from Sea Spray On the Radio Beacon and its building
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Stormy Winter Seas at St. Paul's
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Sea spray
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Rocks on St. Pauls After a Storm
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One of two identical pictures. Was taken during a storm.
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Second of two identical pictures. This one was taken in the fog.
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Model of shipwreck off St. Paul's Island
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Another view of model
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Another view of model
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Figure head arm from the wreck of the Isabella
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Ship's Wheel from the wreck of the Isabella
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List of Ships wrecked on St. Paul's from 1800's - 1950's
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