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Cape Breton's North Highlands: An Enduring Community



Excerpts from RADIO TRANSMISSION TRAFFIC from Log Book, St. Paul Island 1967-1968 All messages received and transmitted, including weather and ice reports.

Archives MG 16, 2 File A

14 Dec. 67 - 18:15 Hrs. We have not received all our Christmas mail do to busy postal service would appreciate a mail delivery before Xmas if possible.

Loose packed winter ice 7/10 coverage in all directions to end of visibility, vis. 12 miles.

10 Jan. 1968 12:00 Hrs. We have presently had winds of 80 to 100 M.P.H. with freezing spray all station buildings covered several feet ice causing some damage, one guy wire broken on beacon tower and danger of falling through our storage tanks or striking new fog alarm. Spray still making more ice. Impossible to get Morrisson off station for past week. Snow freezing spray and strong wind since first Jan.

13 Feb. 68 Landing and road to light station covered with several feet heavy ice, also ice blocked in front of landing.

Clear skies visibility 10 miles light NW wind close packed winter ice 9/10 coverage in all directions.

07 July 68 19:15 Hrs. Overcast skies visibility 10 miles winds north-northwest 15 knots

Mackeral started schooling both sides of island yesterday and today.

28 Oct. 68 14:20 Hrs. Request transportation for wife and self to Sydney for necessary medical consultation as soon as possible. Expect to be going in hospital for very bad throat condition. Please advise. Have tried salt water gargles every three hours, no improvement. Have tried penicillin every four hours over 3 day period. No improvement.

05 Feb. 69 10:15 Hrs. Report on storm damage of Feb. 4 Tanner's and Morrisson's dwellings taken severe pounding by heavy sea causing shingles to be torn from roof on both dwellings and some damage to ceilings by leaks also basements flooded. End of landing torn away also fog alarm engine room flooded to small degree. Winds south to southwest 80 to 90 knots. Lasted several hours.


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