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Port Moody, British Columbia

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Port Moody May Days
Location: Port Moody

May Queen float
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Queen Mary Elizabeth Flavelle. Attendants Grace Parker and Florence Smith.
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Queen Jean Morrison.
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Attendant Winifred Clark.
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Attendant Grace Etter
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Queen Jessie McKay. Attendants Catherine Harrison and Thelma Lowe.
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May Queen Violet Lunn. Attendants Jean Smith and Rita Lewis.
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Queen Adeline Nelson. Attendants Shirley Guest and Beatrice Mercier. Crown bearer Anne Ostergard.
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Queen Isabel Mercier. Attendants Beverly Symmes and Elaine Parish. Record bearer Jean Baird.
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Queen Lucille Gourlay. Attendants Anne Ostergard and Mary Bell. Record bearer Jean Baird.
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Queen Georgina Ostergard. Attendants Pat Axford and Ina Stanley. Record bearer Rosemarie Harrison.
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Queen Jean McKay. Attendants Theresa Audet and Shirley McCargar. Record bearer Joan Symmes.
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Queen Jean Buchanan. Attendants Doris Taylor and Barbara Page. Record bearer Evelyn Goodship.
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Queen Norma Madill.
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Queen Joyce Parker. Attendants Evelyn Downie and Jean Innes. Record bearer Yvonne Hobson.
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May Queen Thelma Niemela.
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Queen Marjorie Wise.
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Queen Malviny Mausser. Attendants Doreen Librandi and Betty Grant. Record bearer Doreen Grant.
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