Claybank Brick Plant National Historic Site and Museum
Claybank, Saskatchewan

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A Little Brick Plant in the Middle of Nowhere

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1920's a tower faced with Claybank Brick was added to the Chateau
1943 White
1946 Ford truck (Howard Duncan owner)
1954 Ford
1st addition - South Drying Tunnels
2 management residences
2nd addition - Hand Mold Shop
3 pistons ran at 260 rpm
3rd addition - North Drying Tunnels
7 ton flywheel ran a belt that drove the Main Plant's Line Shaft
A sample case of Bricks for shipment to potential buyers
Abandon segments of the Narrow Gauge rail can still be seen
Adam Wostradowski
Adjustable Expansion Bands changed from original wider bands
Adjustable Expansion Bands to hold dome in place
Adolphe Ropertz
After many years this Press was returned to the Brick Plant
Agricultural Lands
Albert Reed

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