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Along the Line: the Kettle Valley Railway as a Community Link




"I came to Midway in 1949, in October, with my daughter. I was a widow in Saskatchewan, and my other belongings I remember were coming later on the freight part of it. And so I remember the trip coming in, and I remember too that Dan met me there, and it was late in Fall. We were married on the 25th of October, about 10 days before.

I got off the train here in Midway and it seemed like quite a different route. I had traveled by train before but towards Kamloops and in that area, but coming through on the southern part it was quite a trip really, so many different switchbacks and whatever. It seemed like it was a long time anyway.

They used to say that "Oh, you just came in '49". But now they're not saying that any more. They're starting to think that '49 was quite a long time ago! And it is, isn't it? To 2008, it is a long time."


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