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Along the Line: the Kettle Valley Railway as a Community Link
Kettle River Museum
Midway , British Columbia


   The haunting whistle of
trains along the Kettle
Valley Railway line were
heard throughout the Boundary
region of southern British
Columbia for nearly 85 years.
To this day, the railway
still connects people with
feelings of pride and
community, just as it did

when engines first hurtled
down its tracks in the early
20th century. Although the
Kettle Valley section of the
line was just part of the
system, building the railway
there was a brutal
undertaking. Because of this
and because of the
spectacular beauty of the

area, the railway was named
in its honour.
   The Boundary region was
an isolated stop along the
line, nestled between two
mountain passes at the Canada-
U.S. border near the 49th
parallel. The heart of the
area is the 700-person
village of Midway, so named

because it is half way
between the Pacific Ocean and
the Rocky Mountains. The
town, Mile 0 of the railway,
is now the departure point
for an exhibition that
follows the history of the
line. Using oral and written
accounts, it covers the time
before the railway, when

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