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The Hiscock House: The Tale of an Entrepreneurial Woman




MARILYN: This is very sensitive to..

FLORENCE:Well, we'll be glad to know that cause if our answers are mumbled up

MARILYN: No, doesn't make one bit a difference. Nobody u'll


MARILYN: Nobody u'll hear it except for me for taking notes and stuff like that

FLORENCE:Yes. When you do want a sensible one



FLORENCE:Give me the questions.

MARILYN: That's right

FLORENCE:Give us the questions

MARILYN: That's right

FLORENCE:And we'll write the answers down for ya


MARILYN: Yeah. Well that's what, that's what we were thinking anyway

FLORENCE:And then you see if they're alright, then you can tape it

MARILYN: Yeah, if we wanted to tape it like for display like to actually hear the voice of people who lived in the house

FLORENCE:It would be lovely

MARILYN: Yeah, it would be really nice and

FLORENCE:Well, I'll tell ya

MARILYN: The emotion that you have for the house

FLORENCE:To get it done quickly haha

MARILYN: Yes, that's right

FLORENCE:She's over 90


FLORENCE:But ah Mrs. Colbourne

MARILYN: Yes. Well, she's, she was 89 when I was talking to her last spring so I think she's going to be 90 or something like that

FLORENCE:There ya go

MARY:I mean Walter White would be 94


MARILYN: Yeah, yeah

MARY:No, 95. He'd be 95 now if he lived

MARILYN: I think, I think he's the younger, I think she might be a younger sister

MARY:She is


MARILYN: yeah, she is

FLORENCE:She is. The younger sister yeah

MARY:The younger sister

MARILYN: The younger sister of him, yup

MARY:But I didn't think there was as much difference as that in them, you know

FLORENCE:I'd love to meet her.

MARILYN: I think she's

FLORENCE:I'd love to meet her Moll

MARILYN: She was born in ahh

FLORENCE:So much in common

MARILYN: Let me see 1892

FLORENCE:And were you, were you getting it for the lighthouse?

MARILYN: Yes that's right, yeah, yeah. I did all the research on the lighthouse


MARILYN: and ahh, so. 1892 she was born.

MARY:Oh, she's 88

FLORENCE:My gosh eh?

MARY:She's 88

MARILYN: 88 or 89 something like that


MARILYN: Yeah I remember the date


MARILYN: That she was talking about. Anyway, now the way we're gonna start off now, what I'm particularly interested in is like your, your father and your mother and their family tree. Now there was just Walter, was not Walter, William, yourself, and Moll and

FLORENCE:No, we'd give them to ya this Moll u give them to them as we come down

MARY:what's that?

FLORENCE:Our family

MARILYN: Your family. Your, your brother was older than you?

MARY:Oh yes

MARILYN: Was he? So William?


MARY:That's George



MARILYN: Oh, George. Ok, so there's George


MARILYN: William

MARY: Netta


MARY:N e t t a

MARILYN: N e t t a




MARILYN: Florence

MARY:And Richard

MARILYN: Richard

FLORENCE:Now ask questions that

MARILYN: Now, is this your, this is your, your brothers and sisters?


MARILYN: Your brothers and sisters. And is your name Mary then?

MARY:Yes. Haha

MARILYN: Ahh, I see. I didn't know that before. I thought it was Molly

FLORENCE:That's what they nicknamed see

MARILYN: That's what they nicknamed you



MARILYN: So that's from oldest to youngest, there.

FLORENCE:I think Molly would alright though Moll

MARY:One died as an infant but I didn't give you his name

MARILYN: One died as an infant, ohh

MARY:That was in between Net and myself

FLORENCE:Molly would be more like the house

MARY:Well you can put Molly if you'd like

FLORENCE:I would put Molly there


FLORENCE:Please yourself Moll, I don't care what you puts there

MARILYN: I'll put it in brackets, Molly


FLORENCE:That's the belongs to the house

MARILYN: That's what everyone would know

FLORENCE:Oh yes, right

MARY:yes, yes

MARILYN: And relate to that

MARY:No one would know Mary


FLORENCE:No one would know Mary. That's only for, for cheques.


MARILYN: Oh, you you do sign it as Mary?

MARY:All the time

MARILYN: Oh, I see very good

MARILYN: Now there was George. How old was ahh how old when was George born?

MARY:22nd of May. His birthday was day before yesday. He'd been 97

FLORENCE:What date, what date Moll?


MARILYN: 97, that's ok, 97. That's, that's good nough. And so then the rest of you range between 97 and Richard how

MARY:He was, ahh, he'd be 86 now

MARILYN: He'd be 86 now

MARY:He's dead ya know, there's


FLORENCE:And umm, I'm 87

MARY:You're 87

FLORENCE:And Moll's 89.


FLORENCE:So, you, you don't mind me saying that you'd better get everything out of us


MARILYN: haha. What a, what about William and Netta?

FLORENCE:William is 93



MARILYN: He'd be 94 this year

FLORENCE:ahh how, how old is Net?

MARY:90...3 years older than I am




MARILYN: 92. So that's, that's your family. And were they all born in the house?



MARILYN: All, all born, nobody you, you never ever moved out of that house once you

MARY:No, we all born there

MARILYN: your father built it there?

FLORENCE:All born there

MARY:The bed is down there we were born in haha

MARILYN: Is that right?


MARILYN: Now. Now are there any relatives of these of these

FLORENCE:The bed, the bed

MARILYN: the people

FLORENCE:The bed is there. The bed is there that we were born in

MARILYN: Is that right? Still there? Yup. All these umm all your sisters and brothers do they have any families living today and



MARILYN: And you have umm

MARY:Dick has two daughters

MARILYN: Richard has two daughters. Just in case I ever want to trace up some of his family or

MARY:Judge Bartlett married one

MARILYN: Ohh, is that right?

MARY:Yes. They're divorced

FLORENCE:Ahh, Richard has two daughters. Mabel and Joyce

MARILYN: Mabel and Joyce. Don't mind my writing cause I just


MARILYN: I picks, I picks all this haha and

FLORENCE:Mabel married to Judge Bartlett

MARILYN: Is that right? Umm

FLORENCE:and Joyce married to George Hutchings. That's a way to put it isn't it?

MARILYN: Uh-huMARILYN: George Hutchings

MARY:George has one boy.

FLORENCE:George has ??? hasn't he?

MARY:Oh yes, I thought

FLORENCE:That's George Hutchings

MARY:I was thinking about George Hutchings

FLORENCE:No, George Hiscock, sure she marked George down first see

MARILYN: Oh, that's okay

FLORENCE:George has one boy, Ian

MARILYN: George has one

FLORENCE:One son, Ian

MARILYN: And is he alive now?



FLORENCE:I would say so

MARILYN: And he has other family

MARY:We're not sure

FLORENCE:We haven't heard from him for years

MARILYN: Youahh...he's not living in Newfoundland is he?


MARILYN: Oh, Texas. Oh furthest away haha

FLORENCE:He was last when we heard from him

MARY:I thought he was in the states. That's alright

MARILYN: Okay. What about ah your brother William? He didn't have any family did he?

FLORENCE:No, nor my sister Netta

MARILYN: Nor Netta?

FLORENCE:Nor Moll or myself, not yet haha


MARILYN: haha So you got, the only relatives really that you have today would be the the children of Richard and George?

FLORENCE:That's right

MARILYN: Do you have any contact with ah Mabel and Joyce now?

FLORENCE:No, she was divorced from Rupert and

MARILYN: Rupert right

FLORENCE:And left the family

MARILYN: Is that right?

FLORENCE:Joyce is in Grand Falls and of course we haven't seen her for a few years


FLORENCE:A few years, have we?


MARILYN: Oh. So then there's not that much left really in the family connections now today?

FLORENCE:No there's none


MARILYN: Okay then so that, that's your, your, your brothers and sisters

FLORENCE:That's all there is to say on that Moll isn't it? Ya know, yeah

MARILYN: Okay. Now your, your say lets take your father first


MARILYN: His name was


MARILYN: Richard. Richard okay. So, so you had a Richard Junior?

FLORENCE:Yes. He was born

MARY:8 months after

FLORENCE:8 months after pop was drowned

MARILYN: Is that right?

FLORENCE:He was drowned at the age of 39. Of course you can write that after. Give her Grandma and Grandpa now.

MARY:Oh no

MARILYN: No, no your mother and father now.

FLORENCE:Oh, oh I see

MARILYN: Go backwards like that


FLORENCE:yes, I see

MARILYN: Start from you and go up

FLORENCE:yes, yes

MARILYN: Okay so they were drowned at the age of thirty, he was drowned at the age of 39

MARY:That's right

MARILYN: Do you know when he was born?

MARY:yes, 30th of October

MARILYN: What year?

MARY:Ah, he's be umm...my...

FLORENCE:How long as he been

MARY:I tell ya

MARILYN: That's the hard thing to remember

MARY:He was married in 82, ???? he was married in 82


FLORENCE:I got birth books but I don't know

MARY:And I think he's about, I'm not quit sure he's about 29 when he was married


FLORENCE:He was only married 10 years

MARILYN: Married about 29. And you had a fine, they had a fine family in 10 years

FLORENCE:Had 2 sisters. Pop did.

MARY:2 sisters

MARILYN: had 2 sisters, okay.

FLORENCE:I can tell ya when Grandma Hiscock ?? was born. I have a few if she wants to know

MARILYN: Yes I will now in a few minutes

FLORENCE:yes, that's fine

MARY:And Sarah

MARILYN: Your, your prayer book is it?

FLORENCE:And Art Hiscock, October 20

MARY:That's Richard


MARILYN: That's it.

FLORENCE:It doesn't say when he was born

MARILYN: Doesn't say right there. Just says October 20th


MARY:October 20th


MARILYN: And he was about 29 when he was married?



MARY:Mom said that when she'd when he was drowned


MARY:They'd only had 10 years

FLORENCE:This book was given to Mom ah when 93 years ago

MARY:after they were married

FLORENCE:Yeah after they were married

MARY:Oh yes

FLORENCE:So Pop see put his name in


MARILYN: Alright

FLORENCE:How old is Pop?

MARY:He'd be ah...Mom would be about 120. He'd be about 125 now


MARY:Now ah , that may not be right accurate


FLORENCE:yeah but that's good enough

MARILYN: I, I can always check these. I'll probably go when we start getting into the house, I'll probably go through the church records and check them



MARILYN: And trace it, all the exact dates and stuff

MARY:I might not be partly near it haha

MARILYN: So he would be around a hundred, 125? And it gives a good place to start to look ya know



MARY:I can yes. I can al give ya Aunt Sarah's now that's

MARILYN: Okay, that is you're it's his two sisters

FLORENCE:His sister Sarah


FLORENCE:Born October 18th

MARILYN: October 18th

FLORENCE:I don't expect Aunt Mary's is here


MARILYN: And his other sister was Mary?

FLORENCE:Other sister was Mary


MARILYN: yeah, Named after your named after


MARILYN: Right uh-hum

FLORENCE:Now, now Grandma Hiscock. I don't know when Grandpa was born

MARY:His mother

MARILYN: His mother, okay

FLORENCE:I don't know when Grandpa was born

MARILYN: His mother

FLORENCE:I wonder what time of the year

MARY:I don't know

MARILYN: Was umm, ok...his mother was

FLORENCE:Pop's mother

MARILYN: What was her maiden name?


MARY:Ah no, Verge

MARILYN: mai...



MARY:yeah I thought it her surname

MARILYN: Her surname yeah

MARY:Ah, we don't know much about her family

FLORENCE:Look, I'll tell ya when she was born. Elizabeth Hiscock, her birthday, was ah, now that's our grandmother

MARILYN: That's right

FLORENCE:Pop's mother. Her birthday was October 12th and she was born in 1831

MARILYN: 1831 and what was her maiden name? Verge?



FLORENCE:As far as we know

MARY:That's about all we know


MARILYN: You don't, you don't know where she came from or anything?

MARY:Well Trinity, Trinity

FLORENCE:And we didn't ask. Pity wasn't it? George Hiscock, that's grandpa, October 1st

MARILYN: Okay, your grandfather

FLORENCE:Grandfather Hiscock

MARILYN: That's George?

FLORENCE:Yes. Born, he was captain

MARILYN: He was Captain was he?

FLORENCE:yes. Oh, my brother was captain too

MARILYN: brother ah, brother George?

FLORENCE:yes. He was captain


FLORENCE:And this George was born in 1832


MARILYN: So, you were only 1 year apart?



MARY:Grandma Hiscock now would be ah a hund, a hundred and forty-eight


MARY:Well see, I said Pop would be 125, that a hundred and ah

FLORENCE:he would be older than that wouldn't he?


MARILYN: he would be, yeah yes that's about right

MARY:That's about right

FLORENCE:yeah, yeah

MARY:That's about right

FLORENCE:yeah, yeah, there ya go. Only yesday I picked up that book

MARILYN: Is that right?

FLORENCE:That's 94 years old

MARILYN: Where did ya get that book?

MARY:She was about 23

FLORENCE:Uncle Harry

MARILYN: Oh, yes. My goodness, I didn't know they had them that long ago. They're, they're, they're you you can still buy these know


MARILYN: My sister has one and she's put all her


MARILYN: ?????

MARY:She was 22 when Pop was

FLORENCE:That's nice to go in the house isn't it?

MARILYN: yes, that is very nice, extremely nice yup. Good a really, a nice thing to identify with the family ya know

FLORENCE:My, my uncle gave it to him, Dick and Emma. That's mom and pop, with
all this

MARILYN: And he was called Dick was he?

FLORENCE:yes, and my brother was called Dick

MARILYN: Oh, I see

FLORENCE:And my brother was called Dick too

MARILYN: Oh. Well that ya know that's

FLORENCE:And of course I was called Floss



FLORENCE:Floss because the people going into the house know us as Floss and Molly


FLORENCE:Isn't that right Moll?

MARY:Floss and Moll I'd say

MARILYN: Floss and Moll yeah


FLORENCE:Now I heard some people say Molly. Now, George and Will

MARILYN: So, George andGeorge and Will

FLORENCE:George and Will

MARILYN: Yeah, right, he didn't. Yeah, and Netta was just Netta? Netta? That's, that's an unusual name it sounds

MARY:Pretty name

MARILYN: like an abbreviation for a name


MARILYN: But that, that was her name

FLORENCE:Netta Charlotte Bullock

MARILYN: That was her Christian name

FLORENCE:her name was, and mine was Florence Gertrude but you don't want all that today


FLORENCE:Do ya? If you do you know it's not trouble to get it from us, all you have to do is phone us

MARILYN: Right, ok, anything, any other details I want

FLORENCE:Anything you want to know

MARILYN: Okay, so this is Richard's mother and father, and you don't know

FLORENCE:That's Pop's mother and father yes

MARILYN: Right. Your, your mo, your father's mother and father


MARILYN: so this is your grandfather and your grandmother

FLORENCE:yes, that's right Now ah, you got ah Elizabeth Verge gra, mother, his father George, captain, that's right

MARILYN: yeah. And now ah what was

FLORENCE:Sarah and Mary I don't

MARILYN: That's his sisters and brothers

FLORENCE:know when they were born


FLORENCE:If I find it anytime

MARY:She's not as old as Pop


MARY:Not as old as Pop


MARY:Pop's oldest

FLORENCE:yeah. I haven't seen it here


FLORENCE:If I find it anytime

MARILYN: You can let me know, but its not too important


MARILYN: It's just to give an idea of like when these people came to Newfoundland and

MARY:They were, they were all Trinity people

FLORENCE:All born in Trinity

MARILYN: Oh, these were all born in Trinity?

MARY:All born in Trinity

FLORENCE:every one. A real Trinitarian

MARILYN: Okay. What about Emma, your mother?


MARILYN: And she was a

MARY:She was a Pittman

MARILYN: Pittman



MARILYN: That's funny isn't it?

FLORENCE:Look, I sent to England for the Pittman tree

MARILYN: Yes, David

FLORENCE:I'll give it to you to copy it off

MARILYN: David was interested in that too

FLORENCE:I sent my cousin Catherine and you can copy it off and

MARY:He gave us a letter. Now we think that his great grandfather and our great grandfather were brothers

MARILYN: Wouldn't that be interesting?


FLORENCE:Look now Mrs. Dawe, you can copy it off and

MARILYN: When you get it

FLORENCE:When I get it

MARILYN: That's right so

FLORENCE: I should hear any day now from Catherine

MARILYN: very good

FLORENCE:She's a busy girl

MARILYN: family trees. So, I don't need to ask you about that cause that'll be coming

FLORENCE:Emma Pittman, she was the eldest of

MARY:13 children


MARILYN: Oh my God

FLORENCE:That won't be in the tree. Eldest of 13 children

MARILYN: 13 children, my goodness. So, you've got a long. She's got a lot of relations her family is spread far and wide


MARILYN: Where your, your, your mother, your father wouldn't have as many


FLORENCE:No, haven't got anything. We're the same family as Mayor Mews.

FLORENCE:There was 2 sisters


FLORENCE:2 Miss Kelson's


FLORENCE:Two Miss Kelson's in Trinity and one married George Mews

MARILYN: And how, how were the Kelson's related to you?

FLORENCE:My mother, my grandmother was a Kelson

MARILYN: Okay, so Emma's mother

MARY:My, my name is Kelson

FLORENCE:Molls' name is Mary Elizabeth Kelson

MARILYN: Okay, so her mother, Emma's mother, was

FLORENCE:Was Mary Kelson

MARILYN: Mary Kelson

MARY:Mary Elizabeth Kelson


MARILYN: How do ya spell that? K

FLORENCE:e l i z a b e t h


MARY:Kelson, not Elizabeth

FLORENCE:k e l s o n

MARILYN: k e l s o n oh I see and what about her father? What would her father's name be?

MARY:Now, that ?????


MARILYN: You don't know the


MARY:Oh, Kelson's father umm, grandma's father

MARILYN: yeah, Emma's father

MARY:He was, he was drowned, yeah she was only a baby when he was drowned

MARILYN: Drowned? I see

MARY:I really don't know anything about him

FLORENCE:I dear say they're here, her name would be on the, no that's the Pittman tree I'm getting


MARILYN: yeah, well her name would prob, might be on that

FLORENCE:I'll show her the picture of them now

FLORENCE:I'll get a cup of tea

MARILYN: You got a picture. You got a picture


MARILYN: of them now


MARILYN: Yes, oh very good. So ah, his father, er her father was drowned when she was young. Do you know

MARY:Ah, when you're writing up have you ever gone back to Kelson and Slade in Trinity?

MARILYN: I haven't, I haven't done any research on the Trin, on the Ryan or the Slade family


MARILYN: In Trinity. Mr. Hancock was the historian

MARY:yeah, grandma's great, grandma's uncle, needin put this down but grandma's uncle I think was accountant with ah I don't know if it was Lester and Slade or


MARY:Slade in Trinity

MARILYN: grandma's uncle

FLORENCE:That's ah, that's, that's my mother in there


FLORENCE:That's Grandma Pittman


FLORENCE:And that's Grandma Pittman's mother ah Kelson, and that's my brother


FLORENCE:I wish they could take that off. Could they take that off down there?

MARILYN: That's a very, very, very ah

FLORENCE:Old picture

MARILYN: Old picture. They could do something with it. It wouldn't be very good. You've got it all marked on who is who


MARILYN: That's a very good idea to do that

MARY:Oh yes, yes

MARILYN: Extremely good idea

FLORENCE:Look. Mer, Emma Catherine Pittman

MARILYN: Uh-hum and Great Grandmother Kelson


MARILYN: They got it spelled s e n

FLORENCE:k e l s e n oh very good

MARILYN: Well, now see

FLORENCE:yes, that's right

MARY:yeah, yeah, s e n haha

MARILYN: It probably changes over the years

FLORENCE:George Hiscock

MARILYN: George Hiscock

FLORENCE:and Mary Elizabeth

MARILYN: Kelson Hiscock


MARILYN: Pittman

FLORENCE:Yeah, Pittman

MARILYN: yeah so that's right, so that there

FLORENCE:Look I, I first time I saw that written on the back I ahI'm gonna give that to you now and ask them if they could make it plainer. I wonder could they?

MARILYN: I don't know if they could make it Plainer?

FLORENCE:I don't believe they could Moll?

MARILYN: I don't know, I ah

MARY:No, I wouldn't think so

MARILYN: it's not there.


MARILYN: If it's not there they couldn't make it plain

FLORENCE:And it's no good to take it down to Tooton's is it?


MARILYN: No, no, I don't think that any photographer

MARY:it's too old

MARILYN: Yeah. That, so this is your mother and this is your grandmother

FLORENCE:Look, he came from a lady who was just so and look at her kid

MARILYN: All dressed up

FLORENCE:My great grand mother


FLORENCE:She was a miss prim, miss prim, I mean prim in prim, not her name


FLORENCE:Oh she thought that


FLORENCE:She thought she was

MARILYN: this is, this is your great, your grandmother?


MARILYN: That's your grandmother?

MARY:No, great

FLORENCE:No. There's my grandmother.

MARILYN: There's your grandmother? That's your great grandmother

FLORENCE:My great grandmother. And that's my mother

MARILYN: And that's your mother

FLORENCE:And that's my brother

MARILYN: That's your brother. Oh my

MARY:Four generations

MARILYN: Wasn't he a sweet little boy?

MARY:Four gener

MARILYN: Um, Cute?


MARILYN: Now, ah

FLORENCE:Oh, she was, oh my, she was

MARILYN: So this is Mary Elizabeth Kelson there?


MARILYN: And that is?

FLORENCE:I don't know what Grandma Kelson's name, ?? Elizabeth


FLORENCE:Elizabeth, Grandma Kelson

MARY:Elizabeth Ash

FLORENCE:Yes that's right

MARY:Don't you remember?

FLORENCE:Yes, yes that's right

MARY:On the watch

FLORENCE:yes that's right

MARILYN: This is your mother

FLORENCE:She, she's the little girl?


FLORENCE:Oh, she was the little girl. I'll show yah haha You talk about an hour you, you want a year up here

MARILYN: I gotta get this straight now, I think I got this a bit confused. This is your mother Emma?


MARILYN: Your mother Emma


MARILYN: Her mother?


MARILYN: Mary Elizabeth


MARILYN: And what would her mother's name be?


MARY:Elizabeth Ash she was, she married a Kelson

FLORENCE:Married a Kelson. Elizabeth Ash Kelson, that a way to put it?

MARILYN: That's right, Ash

FLORENCE:And that's George

MARILYN: And that's George yeah, I see, mother. That'll be your great grandmother?

MARY:That's right

MARILYN: My goodness. See people, a lot of people don't take ah no care of their photographs and just to mark these names on em like I know my, my family if my mother was sat down to try to figure out who they were in the pictures now


MARILYN: She would get them confused, but to have them



MARILYN: Written on

FLORENCE:Yes, that's my oldest brother's son. He was born in Scotland.

MARILYN: Oh my is he ever? Haha He's all dressed up like a Scottish lad

MARY:Sure he was born in Scotland

MARILYN: Yes, yes that's wicked though. A real photograph that is

MARY:His mother was Scottish

MARILYN: Yes, yes sir. Beautiful pictures, very useful things, nice things to have

FLORENCE:You have lots of things to go down?

MARILYN: It'll really make the house ya know come alive to people when ya


MARILYN: You put

FLORENCE:There's enough stuff down there and a nough nough down there and a nough here to make the house a home

MARILYN: Yeah, yeah

FLORENCE:Isn't it Moll?


FLORENCE:There's enough down there and such fine carpets

MARILYN: Were ah these Kels, the Kelsons now they're a Trinity family too?

MARY:Kelson's? No ah

MARILYN: Now did they come from Trinity?

MARY:Ah not originally, came from England

MARILYN: Not, ah were they

FLORENCE:Born in Trinity I suppose

MARY:No, I don't know if

FLORENCE:What, Great-Grandmother Kelson?

MARY:Oh, she was


MARY:She was an Ash

FLORENCE:Yes, yes, she was born in Trinity

MARILYN: Born in Trinity

MARY:Oh yes, she was born in Trinity

FLORENCE:And Grandma too

MARILYN: Uh-hum, but their


MARILYN: You don't

MARY:But the one older than that, you ah you ever hear talk of Sir Harry Pen over in Harbour Grace?


FLORENCE:He's a connection of ours

MARY:That's where we came from, that's where she came from originally



MARILYN: Elizabeth Ash

MARY:She ah married ah oh my I can't go back quite far haha

MARILYN: Can't go back quite far enough eh? No, cause when you mention that Sir ah

MARY:That comes back to ya?

MARILYN: Yes, Sir Henry Pen, now who was

MARY:Sir Henry Pen is ahI don't know he, he was a cousin I think of our great great grandmother

MARILYN: Cousin of

MARY:Wait now, haha oh my

MARILYN: Oh no, a cousin of Elizabeth?

MARY:You might find this out because

MARILYN: yeah I might figure this out after a while

MARY:I may not be accurate you know

MARILYN: yeah but there's some relation there between

MARY:Oh yes, yes

MARILYN: Umm...Elizabeth Ash who became a Kelson...umm

MARY:Wait now, I think it must be her mother who was what they call grandma ?? . She came from the Ash's see, and she was a cousin of Sir Harry Pen

MARILYN: Her mother, ohh my goodness, mother


MARY:I tell Mrs. Dawe try to find out the right of it. But, knowing something you may find

MARILYN: Yeah, you can, you can trace em ya know


MARILYN: I'll move my stuff there outta your way now

FLORENCE:That's alright. You can write away now when I put the cloth on

MARY:Here Moll lul, take it

FLORENCE:And you can write away, I'll bring in the little bit of ???

MARILYN: I don't usually get a cup of tea when I'm working ??????? haha


MARILYN: Oh my, so yeah, yeah I remember the other day when you mentioned that about Sir Henry Pen


MARILYN: I think we have a marker put up to Sir Henry Pen or

MARY:Have they?

MARILYN: We're going to put up a marker

MARY:He's over in Harbour Grace, Mosquito somewhere

MARILYN: Mosquito

MARY:have you heard talk of ah Pen's estate?

MARILYN: Yes I have, yeah

MARY:Yeah, well my grandmother and great-grandmother was getting money
from that all the time


MARY:When we, when it came down to us, we got about 2 dollars



MARILYN: No, that's what always happens

MARY:There was so many you know

MARILYN: yeah, that's

MARY:When it was finished we got about


MARY:2 dollars

MARILYN: mother and grandmotherso, cousin was of Elizabeth Ash's mother...gotta get this straight nowThere. So, you don't know anything about where like ah you say they were born in Trinity the Verge's and

MARY:No, I don't, I have no idea

MARILYN: George Hiscock's, but you don't know anything about like where they
came from in England or

MARY:Ah, no, I don't know

MARILYN: Or anything beyond that

MARY:No, I don't know where the, but umm

FLORENCE:The Kelson's?


MARY:What happened you see Mrs. Dawe

MARILYN: The Verge and the Hiscock's


MARY:My father was drowned and we was I was only and Floss was one and I was 2

MARILYN: And so the family tradition

MARY:And the family didn't

MARILYN: That's right

MARY:But ah, we lived with our mother's family

MARILYN: You lived mostly with your mother's family?

MARY:In Trinity

FLORENCE:In Trinity with the Pittman's

MARY:And we can go back further with ah our mother's family

MARILYN: All the Pittman's, yes I see. You ah lived lived with the Pittman's

FLORENCE:And we had no descendents of the Hiscock's

MARY:Look, we were the only grandchildren of the Hiscock's

MARILYN: Oh, is that right?


MARILYN: So, umm you were the only grandchildren, SO

MARY:Of the Hiscock's. Because Aunt Mary had 2 boys and they both died

MARILYN: Oh, I see

MARY:One was a clergyman and one was a small boy, and Aunt Sarah didn't have any children

MARILYN: Oh, and

FLORENCE:I'm sure Aunt Mary's husband's sons




FLORENCE:Aunt Mary had two sons

MARY:Yes they both died


MARILYN: Uh-hum so there's no there's no other, des no descendents from Richard?
No other descendents?

MARY:No. They might be dis, distant cousins I don't know bout that cause you
know the Hiscock's a common name

FLORENCE:Yes, you don't want to trace back


MARILYN: But there, there are numerous Pittman's if there's


MARILYN: If she had, she was the eldest of 13 children


MARILYN: Yeah there must be numerous Pittman's

FLORENCE:You remember, you don't remember Mrs. ??? Mews I know of Mew's

MARILYN: I knows a Mew ah the Mews' were they involved in a dry-cleaning business that?


FLORENCE:No, not the same family

MARILYN: Mews' dry cleaning? Not the same family is it?

FLORENCE:Aunt Floss was a musician here and Douglas was here but he, he was um up at the memorial last Christmas

MARILYN: Oh, yeah

FLORENCE:That was cousin

MARILYN: Neat. Yeah the name is not very well known here in town

FLORENCE:There's lots of Mews' here


FLORENCE:But, but not the same family

MARILYN: But not the same family... no...So where did the Mews' get connected
with you?,

FLORENCE:Oh well, my grandma's sister, they were born in Trinity see, two sisters,
two Mrs. Kelson's. Grandma was one and the other sister came to St. John's

MARILYN: Oh, I see

FLORENCE:And met George Mews

MARILYN: Two sisters

FLORENCE:And married and the Mews family's here in St. John's and the Pittman family stayed in Trinity



MARILYN: Mews in St. John's

FLORENCE:I'd say Mayor Mews is a cousin and


FLORENCE:As well. I'd say him because

MARY:He's known

FLORENCE:He's well known

MARILYN: He's known yeah, right. Now what

FLORENCE:Now you got that straight?

MARILYN: Yes I have got that straight. So Mary the sister married a Mews in St. John's and

MARY:Francis. Francis Kelson

FLORENCE:Her name was Francis. Francis yes...and Fanny

MARILYN: Fanny was it?

FLORENCE:Fanny, yeah we called her Aunt Fanny. Fanny

MARY:So we had Aunt Fanny and Aunt Fan. Because mom had a sister Francis and we called her Aunt Fan but when speaking of ah

MARILYN: Your great aunt

MARY:Great aunt, was Aunt Fanny haha

MARILYN: Right so you had to change that


MARILYN: Yeah, yeah. So that what the Mews' because the other day when you were talking about you know about the different family relations like trying to figure out how they all clicked together was interesting

FLORENCE:yeah. There was only 2 sisters and 2 was Kelson's. One came to St. John's and married and stayed here and the other Mrs. Kelson, my grandmother, stayed




FLORENCE:And had 13 children and my mother was the oldest of 13



FLORENCE:That's right isn't it?


MARILYN: Okay. Now. We needs to take a break now. You wanna take a break for a few minutes

FLORENCE:Yes, that's right.

MARY:Coffee break

MARILYN: I can't remember what we were talking about now. Oh, yeah, you said that Emma's family, Emma had a large family, sisters and brothers, and you lived with them after?

MARY:No, we didn't live with them

FLORENCE:No, we didn't live them with but

MARILYN: Well, there were around

MARY:Yes, in the same place

MARILYN: When you were growing up

FLORENCE:That's right

MARILYN: Mmm, I see. What

MARY:We were corrected quite a lot by them

MARILYN: Was that right?

MARY:They were res, ya know

MARILYN: They were your aunts and uncles?

FLORENCE:That's right


MARILYN: Sorta kept an eye on ya


MARILYN: Kept an eye on ya see

FLORENCE:She was just so

MARILYN: yeah, yeah

MARILYN: What would, what would their names be now? Their her do you any of your?

MARY:Mom's sisters


MARILYN: Your mother's sisters and brothers?

FLORENCE:Show em Moll

MARY:Sure I'll show em to ya

MARILYN: You'll show em to me?


MARILYN: What's ?

FLORENCE:Name them Moll

MARILYN: Oh, you got a picture. Ah, that's alright

MARY:That goes back in the house

MARILYN: That's got a wooden frame on it, wooden framed picture with a

FLORENCE:Old frame

MARILYN: Got any? There's no names on the back of this one

MARY:I'll get the names and paste it on

MARILYN: You should, yes, just, don't put it on the picture itself

FLORENCE:On the back

MARILYN: On the back

MARY:There's mom, no, there's where there's mom, look see her, with her bonnet on?

MARILYN: Oh yes, just look at that

MARY:And there's, there's Aunt Soph


FLORENCE:No, wait now, give them to ya in age and so next no Harry

MARY:No, she's not, she's not


FLORENCE:Look what do you want? The, the children of grandma?

MARILYN: Ah, yes

FLORENCE:Do you want all mom's brothers and sisters

MARILYN: yes, Emma's brothers and sisters

FLORENCE:Whether they're dead or alive?

MARILYN: Whether they're dead or alive

FLORENCE:Now, well

MARY:They're all dead haha

MARILYN: They're all dead now yes

FLORENCE:Now, I'll get them this way, next to mom

MARILYN: So Emma's the oldest?

FLORENCE:yes, Emma Catherine


MARY:Kelson...Kelson Moore Pittman

MARILYN: Kelson was her first name?


FLORENCE:No, mom she wants Moll

FLORENCE:Emma, Emma Catherine

MARILYN: Emma and then there's Catherine


MARILYN: Catherine, okay

FLORENCE:That's right, Emma Catherine Pittman


FLORENCE: Emma Catherine

MARILYN: That's your


MARILYN: mother's name?

FLORENCE:That's mom's name yeah. Next one

MARY:Kelsen Warr

FLORENCE:Kelsen Warr

MARILYN: That's a girl?



FLORENCE:Man, Uncle Kelson

MARILYN: His first name was Kelsen?

FLORENCE:k e l s e n


MARILYN: Warr? w a

FLORENCE:double r


FLORENCE:The next one was Henry



MARILYN: Henry Herbert



MARILYN: He, he, was he a clergymen?

FLORENCE:clergymen, uh-hum


FLORENCE:Now, who's next? Aunt Soph

MARY:There's a lot dead that I don't know

FLORENCE:We don't know the dead ones

MARY:Aunt Soph




MARILYN: I see...my goodness

FLORENCE:Now, who was the next Moll?

MARY:Francis Margaret

FLORENCE:Aunt Fran. Francis Margaret


MARY:How many is that, there's 8 living

MARILYN: one, two, three, four, five. That's five

MARY:Ah, Uncle Rob

FLORENCE:Was he older than Aunt Floss ?

MARY:haha Rob William

FLORENCE:He was older than Aunt Floss, Aunt Floss the youngest. Now, who's next?

MARY:Charlie ??

FLORENCE:yeah, Charlie ??

MARILYN: Charlie MacFarlane?


FLORENCE:Charlie ?? I'd know the rest


MARILYN: Charles MacFarlane

MARY:And Florence Elizabeth

FLORENCE:Florence Elizabeth. She's my godmother.

MARY:That's eight I think is it.

MARILYN: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine including your mother.

FLORENCE:Oh, yes, nine including MoMARILYN:

MARILYN: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. No that's eight. That's right.

FLORENCE:No that's eight.

MARILYN: I'm not a very good counter.

FLORENCE:Aunt Floss is my Aunt..

MARILYN: And your Godmother.

FLORENCE:Godmother, namesake.

MARILYN: Big three.

FLORENCE:That's right isn't it?


MARILYN: But there were other's in the family.

MARY:Five others died in childhood.

FLORENCE:Childhood. But don't know their names.

MARY:They had an epidemic of diphtheria there and I think that she lost two or three.

MARILYN: Is that right. The hardest children.

MARY:They came from the funeral one time and there was another one dead.

MARILYN: Oh my! And what kind of epidemic was it.


MARILYN: Diphtheria.

MARY:But that's only from hearsay. You know I don't.

MARILYN: But they all died as children.

MARY:Only eight lived.

MARILYN: My goodness, big family.

MARY:They didn't die in infancy. They died very young.

MARILYN: And this is a picture of some of theMARILYN:

MARY: Look. Yes. This is my oldest brother.

MARILYN: George.

MARY:George. And there's Will and there's Mom, Aunt Soph, Aunt Fan and Aunt Floss.

FLORENCE:And Aunt Floss married her first cousin, Alec Mews, same family.

MARILYN: Same family as the..

FLORENCE:First cousin, her first cousin, Aunt Floss married her first cousin, Alec Mews and there's Will the one that died. And that's my brother.

MARY:Now you know who brought in the Daylight Savings Time, John Anderson, well that's his two boys.

MARILYN: And how come their in the picture?

FLORENCE:They were into Trinity on a visit.

MARILYN: Is that right? Now that's interesting. That's something you should do is write...

FLORENCE:And there's his mother.

MARILYN: If you wouldn't mind doing that that would be really wonderful.

Mary in background saying there's his mother, there's his mother and there's Ms. Anderson.

FLORENCE:That's only ten minutes work for me, I'll show you what I did now the other day.

MARILYN: It would be really useful. I asked Tony

MARY:That picture goes that way.

MARILYN: I asked Tony what to do about the photographs, like you know the different ones that Bob has and things like that, in identifying the names and she said the best thing to do would be to, to maybe put a small number in the corner of them on the back somewhere and then on a sheet of paper write down who is in them rather than actually write them on the photograph.

FLORENCE:I got all the names down of it I'm sure of it.

MARILYN: Have ya. That is because

MARY:That's clear isn't it. That's eighty years ago.

MARILYN: That's a really good picture.

MARY:That's over eighty years.

MARILYN: Yeah I believe it. It's amazing.

MARY:That's a good picture.

MARILYN: Photographers were much better then I think.

MARY:Yeah. Ha Ha.

MARILYN: Weren't they?

MARY:???? Now that's a stranger to me

FLORENCE:I'll do that tonight now. I'll put that. I'll do that it'll give me a job I'll do it tonight.

MARILYN: If its not too much trouble but its useful you know for future generations, you know.

MARY:At that time, that's Mrs. Jenkins, there, she had a hotel.

MARILYN: In Trinity?

MARY:In Trinity.

FLORENCE:And Walter White, Teresa's brother, married Jenkin's daughter.

MARILYN: That name, that is a name, I, I, when you said Jenkins' I said that clicked a bell, because Teresa was telling me about that.

FLORENCE:Well Walter her brother married that woman's daughter.

MARILYN: Mrs. Jenkins, is that right.

MARY:She kept a hotel and these people all came for a holiday.

MARILYN: That's right, they kept a hotel.

MARY:Summer time.

MARILYN: In Trinity?

MARY:In Trinity.

FLORENCE:If you want to know anything ask us too.

MARY:Ha Ha Ha.

MARILYN: My goodness. The hotel. Okay. Walter. Mrs. Jenkins.

FLORENCE:You must have enjoyed her. I would love to see her.

MARILYN: She's a great lady.

MARY:Now it comes back to me. She's younger then. They got around together. Walter and Theresa.

FLORENCE:Their brother stayed with us for ten years.

MARILYN: Well, you know I got a mind to write and tell her as its really interesting as she was really close to her brother. Yeah, they were really, really close.

MARY:Yes, they were about the same age. And they got around together as I heard Walter say.

MARILYN: Yeah, yeah they were really close.

FLORENCE: And you can tell her that you saw a book that her brother gave me. Where in the world is that book.

MARY:What book is that Floss?

FLORENCE:He gave me a book, you know one time, Walter did, and marked itinside, I think.

MARILYN: Walter White, boarded with you. (saying as she is writing it down). With your mother and the two of you in Trinity.


MARILYN: Now, that is neat. Because I was researching like his great grandfather was the first light keeper at Cape Bonavista lighthouse.

MARY:That's right and then his brother. He was much older then Walter was.


MARY:Fred, yeah, he was the light keeper.

MARILYN: And you know.

MARY: That's where they were brought up. Walter and all these. We know, having Mr. Nicholas with us those years, we knew all about theMARILYN:

MARILYN: Ten years.

MARY: Ten years he boarded with us.

MARILYN: Did you generally have a boarder like that or just one person. Or is it justbecause of the

MARY:No, just one person, just one person.

MARILYN: That's the only person.

MARY:There was only three of us and he wanted to come to board.

FLORENCE:Look this is Will's book, Algebra.

MARILYN: My goodness.

FLORENCE:And there's the youth ?

MARILYN: Oh yeah look at that. Fine ray. My Aunt. I've got an Aunt, Aunt Lizzie Parrott. Elizabeth Parrott and she is from Trinity Bay. And she writes the same way. Amazing. The type of writing. Willie Hiscock, August, Willie. That was when he was fairly young I say. He was called Willie.

MARY:Yes, someone else must have written that. We always called him Will.

MARILYN: Will. Yeah because Willie is the...

MARY:I think that some people used to call him Bo. I don't know why.


MARY:Bo. Aunt Soph sometimes.

MARILYN: Amazing, well I think that is enough about, I think I got, that's about most of the people that you remember in your families, your aunts and your uncles and your grandparents and your great-grand mother.

MARY: We don't remember her.

MARILYN: No, no, that's as far as it goes back your grandmother and you would not remember any of the your father's

MARY:We don't know all of em'

MARILYN: Know any of his family

MARY:We only knows our two aunts, aunt Mary and aunt Sarah

MARILYN: That's right

MARY:And grandfather and grandmother

MARILYN: and grandfather and grandmother

MARY:I don't know if he... I dear say he had relations to Hiscock's like the dau..

MARILYN: But where he did so young that

MARY:We were separated

MARILYN: Yeah you did not have the connection with em'

MARY:cause we were in Trinity and they were here

MARILYN: That's right

MARY: Do you ah-ah, you know when you come up Prescott street


MARY:up to Gower Street and turn right there's a large house on the hill, it's not so good now

MARILYN: Yeah okay, yeah.

MARY:That was grandpa's house

MARILYN: Is that right

MARY:He had a lovely large garden.

MARILYN: Now, okay that something I got to get into is the like

MARY:hundred .. it was a hundred and forty three Gower street.

FLORENCE:here's a birthday there, Edith Smith, you know either Edith

MARILYN: Edith Smith, well my m Edith Smith

FLORENCE:That's another birthday book Moll

MARILYN: Edith Smith, no my mother's name is Enith??, but I have met Edith, I have met Edith Smith, cause every time I meet anybody with the name Smith you automatically take notice of it right

FLORENCE:Yeah that, that's why I

MARILYN: Yeah, my grandfather died very young to in the same way at sea, yeah very young my father was two years old when he died.

FLORENCE:That's another

MARILYN: My mothe... my grandmother ran a boarding house here in St. John's

MARY:Had a boarding house.


FLORENCE:What name was that

MARILYN: Well she was a Smith, on... down on Brassel Square I'm sure you've heard of the infamous boarding houses of Brassel Square.


MARILYN: That's, my grand mother ran one of those for years cause she had not husband to support...

MARY:No, that's right.

MARILYN: her and she had a family to bring up and.


MARILYN: So ah, now I want to go back to some of this ah stuff like ah you said your father was a...


MARILYN: blacksmith


MARILYN: okay Richard was a blacksmith, and where did, he got his trade here in town.

MARY:Yes, at ah, we're not sure the name of the place but it was the foot of ah, foot of Prescott Street.

MARILYN:But he was born in Trinity

MARY:Born in Trinity

MARILYN: and then he came to St. John's

MARY:They ca now what time they came here to live I don't know

MARILYN: So the whole family came in.

MARY:Yes, yes

MARILYN: The, the Hiscock family came to St.



MARY:They were born ah

MARILYN: Moved to St. John's, St. John's probably because of the captain

Mary :Perhaps so.

MARILYN: and that's were he got his trade in St. John's

MARY:Yes, blacksmith and then went back to Trinity.

MARY:No doubt, he met Miss Pittman before he left didn't he

MARILYN: Before he left ah..

MARY:Trinity to come to St. John's

MARILYN: St. John's yeah, and probably went back after he got his trade. Yes, that's probably what happened. Yes he went ah...

MARY:That's what it looks like

MARILYN: so he got his trade in St. John's and moved back to Trinity and got married.


MARILYN: So his father wasn't a blacksmith before him his father was a captain.

MARY:and grandpa, he was the only son. Grand mom didn't want him to go to sea afraid he drowned and at 39 he was drowned.

MARILYN: What was he doing out at sea if he was a blacksmith. He just went out fishin everybody went out fishin I suppose.

MARY:No, no he was canvassing for Sir Robert, have you heard of Sir Robert. He was going to get a..., he was hoping to get a government job.

MARILYN: Sir Robert, now who would, what year would that be Sir Robert Bond, it wouldn't be Bond, that's to early to be Bond.

MARY:Yes, yes that's right Sir Robert Bond.

MARILYN: Is that right, he was canvassing for Sir Robert Bond.


MARILYN: Oh my, so, oh okay didn't want him to go to sea, so she was nervous about the sea.

MARY:Yes, and he was drowned, isn't that funny.

MARILYN: Yeah, so he was a blacksmith.

MARY:He was canvassing with a friend who was an MHA.

MARILYN: Oh so he was canvassing.

MARY:For Sir Robert.

MARILYN: For Sir Robert Bond.

MARY:And a squall came and tipped the boat, I don't know if ever he went fishing.

MARILYN: Were they just out in a small boat going from community to community

MARY:Going.. They were going up by Shoal Harbour, from Trinity to Shoal Harbour up around there somewhere.

MARILYN: And what did they do bring em back

MARY:Brought the bodies back

MARILYN: Brought the bodies back home.

MARY:There was one man with them who was saved. Two men who drowned, Mr. Webber...

MARILYN: Mr. Webber?

MARY:Yes, they were great friends and I think he was MHA at that time.


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