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Weyburn Mental Hospital
Soo Line Historical Museum
Weyburn , Saskatchewan


edge of drug therapy. As
early as 1954 d-lysergic acid
diethylamide (LSD) was used
on staff volunteers to
simulate schizophrenic
experiences in order to
encourage sympathy with their
patients. By 1959 WMH doctors
had published thirteen papers
in scientific journals.

   Such a large facility on
the outskirts of town had a
great impact on the City of
Weyburn. Many men and women
chose nursing, later called
psychiatric nursing,
specifically because they
could train and work locally.
Some of the patients, “mental
defectives” as they were

called, were integrated into
the community through halfway
houses after being released
from the hospital.
   By allowing visitors an
inside look at the patients,
the staff, the treatments and
the way of life at the
Weyburn Mental Hospital, this
Community Memories exhibit

tells the story of a mental
hospital that became a
community of its own.

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