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Livyer's Lot Museum
Burns Cove , Newfoundland and Labrador


   Hooked records the story
of how a necessity became a
work of art. Visit our
virtual exhibit and see how
the traditional skill of
matmaking became a means to
earn a living for women in
Placentia West. For as long
as anyone remembers, women in
Placentia West made mats from

scraps of old clothing to
help keep their homes clean
and warm. They did their best
to make them look attractive
by creating floral and
geometric designs that took
advantage of the colourful
scraps they had collected. In
the mid-1970s, the local
development coordinator, Lois

Saunders, saw the potential
in this skill and suggested
they make a few mats using
scenic designs inspired by
what they saw around them.
From this, the Placentia West
Matmakers was born. Their
mats were soon a high demand
item being sold locally,
nationally and

internationally. For women
who had little opportunity to
work outside the home, this
was an excellent chance to
earn their own cash doing
something they enjoyed while
developing their creative
talents at the same time.
   As you explore their

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