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Livyer's Lot Museum
Burns Cove , Newfoundland and Labrador


works of art, you will see
our communities as they used
to exist. You will peer
inside an outport family’s
home and discover how they
lived. Each mat is in fact a
mini museum, displaying
artefacts from the lives of
fishing families as recalled
by these local artists. At

the same time they are works
of art filled with brilliant
colours that disguise the
fact that they were made with
rags cut from old clothing
collected from local
families. Enter our exhibit
and learn a little about the
Newfoundland culture and the
ingenuity of a people who

created such beauty with so
few resources. You will see
some of the handiwork of
women who pioneered recycling
as a way of life, creating
from it both a work of art
and a source of income.

   CHIN, The past and
current members of the
Placentia West Matmakers,
women of Placentia West, the
Placentia West Heritage

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