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From Rugby to Football: The History of Canadian Football
Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum
Hamilton , Ontario


   Rugby-Football and
Canadian Football today are
two different sports, but at
one time their paths were
intertwined. It started in
1865, when McGill University
played English-speaking
officers that were stationed
there. When 1874 came, McGill
developed their own set of

rules, which are similar to
today's Rugby and Football
   With the rules made,
McGill decided that they
wanted to challenge Harvard
for two games of Rugby-
Football, but there were a
couple differences between
the styles of game. One

difference was that McGill
used a predecessor to what a
football looks like, while
Harvard was using a
predecessor to what a soccer
ball looked like. The second
difference was the style of
play. Harvard's style of play
is that a player can run and
pass the ball only if he was

being pursued by an opponent.
Once the opposing player gave
up pursuit he called out to
the runner, who had to kick
the ball. In McGill's style
of play, a player is
permitted to kick and pick up
the ball any time they well
please and run with it.
   The first of two games

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