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From Rugby to Football: The History of Canadian Football
Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum
Hamilton , Ontario


was played on May 14, 1874.
The first game was played
under the Harvard Rules,
which Harvard won 3-0. The
next day, McGill rules were
used but the oval ball
disappeared on the Harvard
campus. Thus the round ball
was used, ensuring the game
ended in a 0-0 draw. Students

that attended the game were
so enduring to our style,
that many thought the McGill
game was the better of the
two. In the coming months,
Harvard made a trip to McGill
for the first intercollegiate
game in Canada. Much to the
dismay of McGill, Harvard won
the game. The spectators

there mentioned that Harvard
learned the game well. In
leading up to the 19th
century, the United States
was starting to develop rugby
football into what we know
today as American Football.
   Here in Canada, the same
rules were being applied as
our American counterparts,

except for the number of
downs where we in Canada was
using three downs instead of
four, and the number of
players on the field were 12
instead of 11. During the
same years that Rugby
Football was rapidly
transforming into American
Football, the same cannot be

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