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The Story of Ruth: The Watercolour Journals of Arthur Adair Brooke
R.J. Haney Heritage Village and Museum
Salmon Arm , British Columbia


Florence and Arthur Adair
Brooke. Doctor Connolly
arrives on the scene. At
11:30 pm, Connolly inspects
the patient, and decides to
take Mrs. Arthur Adair Brooke
to the General Hospital in
Salmon Arm, BC.
   The event about take
place is unplanned. With

three adult sons, days on the
Brooke farm revolved around
farming and animals. For more
than a decade, life in Salmon
Arm was settled. Then a
remarkable thing happened…a
small miracle. Baby Ruth
Adair Brooke was born.
Although old enough to be
grandparents, the parents

were delighted.
   The birth took place on
the 6th. The wee girl was
given her mother’s maiden
name and shared her middle
name with her father. The
night before, Brooke set to
work recording Ruth’s story
in small-format books. He
painted images like modern

parents snap digital images,
placing Ruth in her western
Canadian landscape.
   The following images are
part of a collection of
watercolours entrusted to the
Salmon Arm Museum and
represent a small fraction of
Brooke’s life’s work.
   Note: Where ellipsis is

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