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Mosquito Aircraft Production at Downsview
Toronto Aerospace Museum
Toronto , Ontario


   Production of the CD
"Mosquito Aircraft Production
at Downsview" was the
culmination of decades of
research by dedicated
enthusiasts in Canada, the
U.K., and U.S.A. Over 1000
photos and illustrations of
the Canadian-built Mosquito
aircraft were available from

various public and private
archives, and from these
about 350 of the best were
selected for the project.
This selection was further
edited down to 250, plus
cover shots. This latest
edition includes a French
translation and some rare
shots from the recently

acquired J. Grant Glassco
Collection. Some errors and
omissions were corrected as a
result of feedback from
enthusiasts in the USA and
   In some cases, the 50-60+
year photos were in dubious
quality. This project has
salvaged the many badly

damaged and faded
photographs. In other cases,
photos that would have been
previously rejected for
publication were rendered
acceptable, at least for
onscreen viewing. Editorial
preference was given to
action shots, unpublished
material, shots with

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