Astonishing stories: Fishing in La Mauricie
Black and white photo of fishermen in a steamboat on lac Édouard. In the foreground, a boat on the river’s edge; in it stands a man unhooking a fish from his rod.

Astonishing stories: Fishing in La Mauricie

Association des pourvoiries de la Mauricie 2019

Discover a land and its 10,000 lakes and rivers through the history of fishing. This exhibition looks at the evolution of this activity in the Mauricie region, from the first Indigenous communities to today’s outfitters. You will also meet colourful figures who shaped the long, fine history of fishing in this vast region.

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Atisokan : Mauricie askik e wepahapaniwok

Pe natawapamok aski ite 10 000 e tatiki sakihikana acitc sipia wepahape atisokana e kanawapatamekw. Ohwe ka nokotakaniwok atisokatew Mauricie aski acitc nictam nehirowisiwok ka tacikewakopanen nac pactonekiwama anotc ka takoki atisokatew. Atisokatakaniwok kaie iriniwok, iskwewok ka ki pe nta wepahapetcik ota.

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