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Toronto's Central Neighbourhood House: 100 Years in the Making
Cabbagetown-Regent Park Museum
Toronto , Ontario


   The Cabbagetown Regent
Park Community Museum
established a partnership
with Toronto's Central
Neighbourhood House during
CNH's Centennial in 2011.
This partnership led to the
mounting of a major
photographic exhibition
curated by the Museum's Carol

Moore-Ede and the creation of
this online exploration of
CNH's first hundred years.
This exhibition traces the
evolution of CNH from its
earliest days serving the
impoverished, largely
immigrant residents of The
Ward in downtown Toronto, to
its current activities in the

heart of the very diverse
communities of Cabbagetown
and Regent Park.
   Since the beginning of
the social settlement
movement in 1880s London and
Chicago, the goal of
settlement houses has been to
allow staff to perform their
work without religious or

moral judgment. CNH is
Toronto's second oldest
settlement house. Today, the
focus is still on the
participant - the neighbour,
the family, requiring
resources or support in order
to thrive in the community.
It is the story of the
Canadian Urban experience.

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