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Toronto's Central Neighbourhood House: 100 Years in the Making
Cabbagetown-Regent Park Museum
Toronto , Ontario


First located at 82-84
Gerrard Street West in The
Ward, CNH then moved further
east to 349 Sherbourne St,
south of Carlton to better
serve newcomer populations in
Moss Park. In 1970 Central
Neighbourhood House moved
again, around the corner, to
where it is currently located

at 349 Ontario St., south of
Gerrard Street East.
   The song remains the
same: the words, the music
and even the tempo have
changed, but the continuing
premise of Toronto's Central
Neighbourhood House (CNH) is
to provide services to people
in need.

   Cabbagetown Regent Park
Museum: Carol Moore-Ede
(chief curator), Professor
Jim Keffer (videos), Dr.
Sally Gibson (local
historian), Mary Catherine
Shea (YCW intern)
   Central Neighbourhood
House: Liz Forestell (CNH

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