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History of Peachland
Peachland Museum
Peachland , British Columbia


   In 1984 the Peachland
Historical Society published
a two volume set of Peachland
Memories. These books were a
historical record of the
first 75 years of Peachland
as an Incorporated
Municipality and also covered
the period prior to
incorporation, a period of

some 80 years when fur
traders, prospectors, and
early settlers became part of
our local history. In 2008 a
History of Peachland in
pictures was published which
updates the two volume (1984)
set and covers items missed
in the first two Peachland
Memories books.

   It was very important to
create a suitable historical
record as a gift for
Peachland’s 100th Birthday in
2009. Here is your present
with best wishes for the
future from the Peachland
Historical Society.
   The name “Peachland” came
into being when founder J. M.

Robinson called his real
estate development by that
name. From his Peachland
Townsite office on First
Street he sold the town lots
and hillside acreages to
early residents and pioneers.
A Peachland post office was
opened on December 1, 1898.
Continuous rapid growth

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