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History of Peachland
Peachland Museum
Peachland , British Columbia


required a town government,
and the Municipality of
Peachland was created on
January 1, 1909. One of the
earliest council meetings was
held in Robinson’s real
estate office.
   This picture history
presents an overview of the
area development from the

last glacial age to today.
For more history of the area,
the two volume set of books
“Peachland Memories” is an
incredible resource. Created
for Jubilee year in 1984, it
contains the histories of
pioneer families and
organizations. A great effort
was made to complete it

before the stories and
pioneers of the early days
were lost.
   Hundreds of photos and
artifacts were considered for
this publication. Only a few
of the many significant
people that shaped the
community are shown, but they
represent all of the others

that are not featured. Thanks
to the numerous contributors
for their generous donations
of family photos. An album
from 1908 and the resources
of the museum in the 1910
Baptist church were
invaluable sources. Many of
the photos have never been
seen before. Some of the

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