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Dateline Battle Harbour, September 1909: Peary Reaches the Pole
Battle Harbour National Historic Site
St. John's , Newfoundland and Labrador


   Reaching the North Pole
was one of the last great
expeditionary challenges of
the 20th century. Robert
Peary transmitted the story
of his achievement of
reaching the North Pole from
the Marconi Station located
in Battle Harbour, Labrador.
Newspapermen flocked to

Battle Harbour to gather in
Croucher's Loft (the third
floor of the Salt Store) to
witness the press conferences
given by Peary. After 10
days in Battle Harbour
provisioning and repairing
the ship, 'the Roosevelt',
Commander Peary and Captain
Bartlett embarked upon the

final leg of their triumphant
return to New York City.
   Commander Robert Peary
and Captain Bob Bartlett were
instrumental in the success
of the expedition. They were
both seasoned Arctic
travellers: Peary and
Bartlett had sailed the
Arctic waters together on

several expeditions,
gathering experience and
knowledge about survival and
travel in the Arctic. Robert
Peary, an American, was a
noted Arctic explorer and
expeditionary leader. Bob
Bartlett, from Brigus,
Newfoundland, was famous as a
captain of sealing ships and

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