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Dateline Battle Harbour, September 1909: Peary Reaches the Pole
Battle Harbour National Historic Site
St. John's , Newfoundland and Labrador


arctic expeditions.
   Captain Bob Bartlett
brought 'the Roosevelt' to
the edge of the Arctic ice in
the fall of 1908, within
striking distance of the
Pole. Expedition members
spent the winter sledging
supplies from the ship to
numerous cache points,

exploring the surrounding
landmass, and hunting to
provision the expedition. By
February conditions were ripe
for the dash to the Pole.
Using dog teams for transport
and accompanied by Inuit
skilled in Arctic travel and
survival, Peary began the
land-based journey to the

North Pole.
   The knowledge acquired
from years in the Arctic and
the careful preparations in
the final months at the edge
of the Arctic ice mass
culminated in the success of
the expedition in reaching
the North Pole.
   The text of this exhibit

is primarily a collection of
press releases Peary
telegraphed to the New York
Times from Battle Harbour.
Peary's account is
interspersed with excerpts
from other sources. Many of
the images have been
digitally copied from books
published in the early 1900s,

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