Craigflower Manor and Schoolhouse
Victoria, British Columbia

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The Craigflower Sesquicentenary

Maureen Duffus describes the use of the farm immediately after the McKenzie Family moved to Lakehill
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Jean Lamorte talks about being a camper at Mr. Newton's Girls Camp
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Joan McIllwyn Cleghorn's early family ties to the farm
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Jennifer Iredale describes life at Craigflower Farm for the male labourers
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Jennifer Iredale describes life for the women at Craigflower Farm
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John Adams describes the history of the farm prior to the arrival of the Europeans
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A view of the original farm as described by John Adams
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John Adams describes Craigflower Farm's evolution to its development as a national historic site.
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Picture of the Manor Door
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Side view of Craigflower Manor after a January snowfall
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The unveiling of the plaque for the sesquicentenary of Craigflower Manor
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Celtic Festival, summer 2006
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Craigflower Manor painted red
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Front of Craigflower Manor painted red
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Pidcock's working on Craigflower farm
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Renton Hall, Scotland- the ancestral McKenzie house
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Margaret Veitch, age 14  Sampler 1858
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