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Buchans - History of Mining Town

Photograph of Buchans, a mining town in Newfoundland.
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Mattie Mitchell, a Mi'kmaq Montagnais trapper and prospector for the AND company.
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Ore mine in 'Old Buchans'.
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The early developments of the Buchans mine.
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The 'Black Fly', the site of 'Lucky Strike' discovery in 1926.
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The first geology team in Buchans and the crew who discovered the Lucky Strike mine site in 1926.
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Area of the Buchans plant. To the right is the warehouse.
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The trail from Old Buchans to the mine site at Lucky Strike.
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Men coming off their shift from the Buchans mine.
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Tent erected in Buchans by reverend J.E Loder for Anglican services.
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An aerial shot of Buchans in 1928 after the town underwent great expansion.
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The Lucky Strike Deckhead frame, mill and other structures.
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The Exploits Valley Royal Store in Buchans.
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The damage caused by the dam at Sandy Lake in Buchans.
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An extension to the mill in Buchans, completed in 1930.
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Extension of the Buchans mill.
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Miners at Oriental Mine
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A group of miners at Oriental mine, on the western end of the town of Buchans.
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