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Wallace Sandstone: "Building Stones for a Nation"

Sandstone column being polished for the Amherst, Nova Scotia Federal Building.
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The Wallace Stone Company, Ltd. Stock Certificate issued by the Lyall Company.
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Wallace River, viewing south, up stream
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Diamond tipped blade for sawing sandstone.
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Cutting shop for the A.S. Dewar Quarry
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Stone being loaded on small rail car
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View of the over burden on the Wallace sandstone deposit
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Working face in the Wallace Quarry.
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Sandstone cemetery monuments
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A grave stone made of Wallace sandstone.
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Wallace Sandstone monument
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Wallace sandstone grave stone
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Group of scabblers, quarrymen who use picks to square up stone for shipment.
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Steam plant at the Wallace Quarries used to drive the gang saws.
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Drive wheel for the gang saws at the Wallace Quarries.
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Main drive wheel from the steam plant to run the gang wire saws
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Huge balance wheel to provide momentum for the driving saw blade.
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Stone panel being loaded on a truck
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