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Wallace Sandstone: "Building Stones for a Nation"
Wallace and Area Museum
Wallace , Nova Scotia


   This exhibit examines the
story and development of the
sandstone formation in
Wallace, Nova Scotia.
   Beginning with an
introduction to Wallace, Nova
Scotia, this study tells the
story of the nearly 200 years
of sandstone quarrying at
Wallace and Wallace River.

   Starting in 1811, Wallace
stone has been used in
buildings in at least nine
Canadian provinces and
several American states,
including Massachusetts, New
York, and California. Its
beauty, durability and access
to shipping made it a prize
for building contractors.

   The second storyline of
this study looks at the
geological information about
the formation of the Wallace
area sandstone.
   Next, the study examines
the first methods and the
tools used to extract the
stone. Information for the
project comes from both

written and oral histories.
   The storylines then
explore work at the Wallace
River site and the Wallace
village quarries. Next, the
storylines looks at monuments
and buildings that have used
sandstone from Wallace.
   It would be virtually
impossible to tell all the

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