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Arriving at the 6th Siding

Arriving at the 6th siding: Olds "The Early Years"
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Government Policy to develop Canada and the North West Territories lead us to the 6th Siding.
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The CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway) was completed to the Pacific coast of British Columbia in 1885.
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Trails and Stopping Houses, Calgary and Edmonton Railway.
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The Survey Crew along the Calgary and Edmonton Railway.
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David Shannon and the C. and E. Railway construction crew in front of the bunk car.
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A few settlers arrived before the railway.
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The James Murray Family Homesteads
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James Murray sends a letter to Dr. Clark in 1897.
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James Murray and his sons who homesteaded in the Murray Valley in the Olds district.
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Family chart of the Murray family.
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West of Olds, logging was a  business. Settlers logged for their own needs and for much needed cash.
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It was not all work. Horse racing was a major sport.
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James Murray's oldest son George with his wife Cristina (Moffat) and their sons.
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The Murray Store became a Post Office in 1903.
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James Murray in the 'Rabbit Years'.
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Mary Jane came to the 6th Siding after James, Robert, and Arch set up their 'soddie' house.
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James Murray's son Robert homesteaded at Murray Valley.
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