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Growing Up In Peterborough: A Century of Stories

The house where Clara Leahy grew up.
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Clara Leahy.
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Statue of the Blessed Virgin and her Mother St. Anne.
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Clara Leahy's grandmother Clara Hayes.
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Certificate of appreciation given to Father Harold Leahy from St. Pius Elementary School.
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Marlow's mother Rachael Banks in the yard of the family home.
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Marlow Banks' father, Charles, sitting on 'the first motorcycle in Canada' at his bicycle shop.
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Banks Bicycle Shop.
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Marlow Banks' father Charles, demonstrating his bicycle stand in front of his store.
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The Banks home on Maitland Avenue. The car belonged to Charles Banks.
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The Banks family
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Marlow Banks' father Charles and older siblings Helen and Carl in the family car.
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Marlow Banks, his father Charles, and siblings Carl and Helen in their Overland.
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The corner of George and Charlotte Streets in the summer of 1938.
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Marlow Banks riding on his fancy chair during the Fair Parade.
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A young Marlow Banks holds up his catch. He is standing beside Bill Mellis' cruiser 'Venie'.
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A group of people take a cruise in Bill Mellis' cruiser 'Venie'.
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Marlow Banks at the Peterborough Lift Lock.
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