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When Oil Hit Redwater

Hobo Party  The wives of the oil workers enjoyed a Hobo Party at the newly built Mess Deck
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Leo and Dora Brisson celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary
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Leo Brisson and Dora Melnyk on their wedding day in 1945.
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Leo Brisson by the pump jack on the Ohio Oil Company lease.
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Leo Brisson kneels by his truck while displaying a lynx he trapped on the Ohio Oil Company lease.
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Dora Brisson beside the house in Redwater where they housed some of the oil workers.
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Redwater home of Leo and Dora Brisson where they housed a number of oil workers
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Caboose used by Leo Brisson while selling Raleigh products.
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Leo and Dora rented this house in the jackpines from the Ohio Oil Company for $15 per month
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Devitt's pouring cement for the new store
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Isobel Devitt in front of Corner Grocery.
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Corner Grocery
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Drilling Rig on Royalite Lease near Redwater, Alberta. Howard Devitt was part of this crew.
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Elaine Williams, who came to Redwater as a child during the oil boom
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Eleanor (Devitt) Anderson with husband Bob.
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A group of Redwater Children enjoying a Birthday Party.
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Eleanor Devitt
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John Hawrelko, local teacher
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