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When Oil Hit Redwater

A new drug store and clothing store built during the oil boom era.
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Jim and Alice on their wedding day.
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Jim Lukes standing at the counter of his drugstore beside the 6 foot long chocolate bar display.
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Portable housing brought in by rail to house oil workers and their families
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Alex "Sandy" and Helen Kenyon with young daughter Diane in their oil town trailer home.
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"Sandy"  Kenyon sitting in front of skid shack with daughter Diane.
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Diane Kenyon in front of mobile trailer home.
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Diane Kenyon in front of their oil town house
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Diane Kenyon's Birthday party with the other children in "oil town"
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The Kenyon's oil town house being moved on the back of a truck
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Helen Stetsko, Fin Lineham, Carrie Lineham, and Maurice Cook at the Discovery Derrick in Redwater.
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Diane (Kenyon) Romaniuk daughter of Alex Kenyon, part of crew that drilled the Imperial Redwater #1.
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Vic Pasemko, taking his last wagon ride in 1950.
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View of the tank farm situated along the tracks. Purchased from Peter Pasemko.
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Paul and Victor Pasemko taken at Easter 1931.
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Peter Pasemko with sons Paul and Victor
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Permanent homes appeared as fast as they could be built
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One of the bird houses built in the Imperial townsite.
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