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Brigus, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Historic St. George's Church

Construction began in 1876 under the direction of English Master Builder George C. Jerrett
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St. George's Church
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View of south side
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Second bell was only two stories
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St. George's Church
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Take a walk around the church starting on the west side and moving south....
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In 1876 St. George's was built in neoGothic style over looking the harbour in historic Brigus
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The cemetery
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If you turn slightly to the right you'll be looking at North Point and the mouth of the harbour
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Take a step forward and you'll get a glimpse of Bishop's Beach
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Looking down on Bishop's Beach and the mouth of the harbour
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Looking North at the site of the wharf where the fishing boats and schooners once landed
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West view
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Looking east from the north trancept. Directly behind you is the Bell tower
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Winter view of steps and bell tower on west side
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Basement door and corner stone
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Corner stone
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