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The House of Snider in Toronto - A Canadian Clocks Success Story 1950 - 1976

A "basket" style of electric wall clock from Ingraham Canadian, Toronto
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Ship's wheel electric wall clock, Ingraham Canadian, Toronto.
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Two novelty alarm clocks, The Westerner and The Mountie, Ingraham Canadian, Toronto
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Two models of 1950s electric wall clock, Canadian General Electric,Toronto
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Examples of two 1950s electric alarm clocks, Canadian General Electric, Toronto.
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Nine different models of Westclox Canada 1960s/70s starburst wall clocks.
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Westclox Canada alarm clocks, three styles of Big Ben / Baby Ben
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Belfast and Dunbar electric wall clocks, Westclox Canada
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An early starburst electric wall clock, Bellevue model, Westclox Canada
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Athenian model starburst No Cord wall clock, Westclox Canada
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Granby model starburst windup wall clock, Westclox Canada
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A variation on the "ball and stick" style of wall clock, Westclox Canada.
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Starette model No Cord wall clock, Westclox Canada
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A molded plastic No Cord wall clock, Westclox Canada
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Eight Snider starburst wall clocks, 2005 exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Gatineau.
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Harry Snider's Scandia model wall clock used by Alan Elder in his Cool 60s Design exhibit.
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Another view of the Snider starburst wall clocks at the Cool 60s Design Exhibit.
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The text panels for the Snider starburst clocks, Cool 60s Design exhibit, Gatineau, Quebec.
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