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The House of Snider in Toronto - A Canadian Clocks Success Story 1950 - 1976

Black version of china horse mantel clock, Snider Clock Corporation (Smiths Sectric motor).
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Black panther mantel clock with smaller dial, Snider Clock Corporation (windup).
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Wood mantel clock, ship's wheel, Snider Clock Corporation (windup movement).
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Another example of wood-cased mantel clock, Snider Clock Corporation (windup movement).
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A ship's wheel alarm clock, Snider Clock Corporation (windup movement).
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Electric fireplace wood mantel clock with small coloured light, Snider Clock Corporation.
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Electric wood mantel clock, Snider Clock Corporation.
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Electric desk clock, Snider Clock Corporation dial, later company name rubber-stamped on back.
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Gold horse and horseshoe with electric clock on wood base, Snider Clock Corporation.
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Chrome finish horse/horseshoe clock with windup alarm movement, Snider Clock Corporation.
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Coppertone finish horse/horseshoe clock, dark wood base, Snider Clock Corporation (windup movement).
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Horse/horseshoe electric mantel clock on metal base, Snider Clock Corporation
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Chrome and gold horse/horseshoe mantel clock, metal base, Ingraham Clock Company (electric).
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All metal chrome-plated cowboy on horse, windup alarm clock, Snider Clock Corporation.
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Large, coppertone-finish cowboy mantel clock, Snider Clock Corporation (electric).
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An unusual combination of horse/horseshoe clock and lamp, Snider Clock Corporation (electric).
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Rigged three-masted boat electric mantel clock with small lights, Snider Clock Corporation.
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Single-mast, flat-sails electric boat clock with cabin light, Snider Clock Corporation.
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