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Teslin, Yukon Territory

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George Johnston and His World: Life and Culture of the Inland Tlingit

George Johnston and His World: Life and Culture of the Inland Tlingit
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Map showing location of Teslin, Yukon, in northwestern Canada.
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Map detail showing Alaska panhandle region, northern British Columbia and southern Yukon, 1901.
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Map of the Canadian Yukon and Northern Territory of British Columbia, 1897.
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View of Nisutlin Bay looking northeast from Teslin village.
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George Johnston with dead beaver and swans.
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Edward Jack of Atlin and George Johnston with pelts.
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George Johnston and nephew Matthew Jackson.
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David Johnston and Maude (the horse) with moose kill.
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Cars for sale outside Taylor and Drury Store.
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Taylor and Drury's pocket sternwheeler 'Thistle'.
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Freddy Johnston and Sam Peters
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Sternwheeler 'White Horse' pushing barge 'Teslin' through lake ice.
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Dolly Johnston (Porter) with wolverine, lynx, fox and wolf furs at George Johnston's garage.
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Two boys sit among furs.
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George Johnston's car, in winter camouflage, on the road he built between Teslin and Fox Creek.
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George Johnston's 1928 AB Chevrolet in winter camouflage on Teslin Lake.
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Teslin and Atlin families preparing for spring trapping.
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