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"Number Please" The Davis Telephone Company - Rural Communication History

"Number Please"The Story of the Davis telephone Company
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Map of the Province of Ontario
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Joseph Davis founder of the Davis telephone Company
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M. Leslie Davis President of the Davis Telephone Company
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Sheldon L. Davis Sr. Vice President of the Davis Telephone Company
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Leslie, Hazel, Sheldon (son) and Dawnalda (daughter) - Davis Telephone Company Owners 1920 - 1961
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Chanonhouse Drug Store building left of clocktower - Housed the first swithchboard in Eganville, ON
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Eganville streetscape
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Close up view of Shannonhouse and first Davis Telephone Switchboard office.
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The job of the early operators was long and boring because of low number of telephones.
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Telephone school in Montreal to train maintenance personnel sponsored by Bell.
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An early line crew working on telephone lines.
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Telephone school to train telephone people
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Executive of Independent Telephone Association
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Annual convention of The Independent Telephone Association
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Sheldon Davis with his class at telephone school
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The Davis Telephone Company  magneto switchboard in Eganville
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Davis Telephone operator Maude Green on switchboard and Alice Fournier in background
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