With a community that grows with industry such as Bralorne and Pioneer, there became the need for medical care and later on, a hospital to care for miners and their families.


In April 1933, the first Doctor to serve the valley was Dr. Don King who was hired by Pioneer Mine. His services were available to Bralorne, Pioneer and B.R.X. employees and their families at a cost of $1.00 per month for single men and $2.00 per month for married men. At that time, there was no hospital and the first aid cases were cared for in the old No. 1 bunkhouse. Any cases requiring hospital treatment were sent to Vancouver by car, train or plane.


The Bralorne Hospital 1935
February, 1935
Bralorne Hospital, 2nd Townsite, Bralorne, B.C


The first hospital in the area was built in 1933 and was designed to serve as the Doctor's quarters, first aid station and emergency hospital. In June of the following year, the building burned to the ground and first aid cases were taken care of in the No. 1 bunkhouse. Cases requiring hospital treatment were again being sent to Vancouver by car, train or plane.
Building of a new hospital was started at once, as the increasing population required an adequate facility. The new hospital was completed and ready for patients by October, 1934, containing nurses' quarters, doctor's office, dispensary and storerooms, as well as a private and a public ward with accomodation for five patients.


Bralorne Hospital 1938
Bralorne 2nd Townsite, Bralorne, B.C. Canada


Additions were made to the new hospital as the company town and the mining work force expanded. This photo was taken in 1938 with the new wing at the left end of the building.


Two nurses outside Bralorne Hospital
Bralorne 2nd Townsite, Bralorne, B.C. Canada


By 1938 there was a need for more nursing staff than in the past. Not only did they care for injured miners but now, as the town was growing, there was a need for nurses in maternity.


Randy Marshall with nurse outside Bralorne Hospital
Bralorne 2nd Townsite, Bralorne, B.C. Canada


The company town with it's working force and growing families kept growing. Through the 1940's and 50's, there were hundreds of new babies born in the townsites of Pioneer and Bralorne, as well as in the small communities in the rest of the valley.


Randy and little brother wayne held by proud parents Marshall.
Bralorne 2nd Townsite, Bralorne, B.C. Canada


Randy Marshall outside Bralorne Hospital with unknown person holding him at only days old.
outside Bralorne Hospital, 2nd townsite, Bralorne, B.C. Canada


Bralorne's M.D.
Bralorne Hospital, 2nd Townsite, Bralorne, B.C


Dr. Gordon Robertson served as Bralorne's M.D. from 1953 to 1961 and in that time he supervised the building of the nurses' residence and a medical clinic. He was succeeded by Dr. Hashimoto in 1962.