Mr. and Mrs. McTavish left McMurray in the spring of 1923, and the schoolhouse burned down shortly after their departure. Mrs. Embree took over the teaching position when Cassia left. She lived in the teacherage, but after the school burned down and only the shell and part of the cloakroom remained, lessons were held outside and in the teacherage. Classes took place in the church over the next few years until a new two-room schoolhouse was built in 1927.

Mr. and Mrs. McTavish resided in Edmonton for the rest of their lives. Cassia lived to be 91. She passed away in early November 1952, and Douglas died in May 1954. He had also written some brief memoires and poetry reflecting his history in McMurray before he passed away.


P2011.92.3: Students taking lessons outside after the schoolhouse burnt down in 1923
McMurray, Alberta, Canada

Mrs. Harry Halliday
Fort McMurray Historical Society