The Mounted Police Return Neville Parry Part II
14 March 2004
Fort Saskatchewan, Aberta


"It's a really queer story 'cause he went down there and robbed and bank and he's policing the Fort.

Unbeknown to him, one of the girls that worked in the bank he robbed got transferred to the bank here. He came in the bank and she recognized him and that's how he got caught."


The Mounted Police Return Neville Parry
14 March 2004
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta


Soon after this incident Town Council agreed to scrap the town police force and hire the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. There was some debate, as the mounted police would cost more than a similar locally-operated force.


The Mounted Police Return RCMP Assume Duties
6 April 1972
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta


But in the end, the majority on Town Council agreed that the superior training and efficiency was more than worth the price.

On April 1st, 1972, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police officially took over law enforcement duties in Fort Saskatchewan after a 67-year absence.