Black and white photo of Collie Mill ruins after fire in 1950
Circa 1950
Appleton, Town of Mississippi Mills, Ontario, Canada

Mississippi Valley Textile Museum (2011.39.42)
Donated by Isobel (Meabry) Collie in memory of her husband, John D. (Jack) Collie.


This storyline was produced by the North Lanark Historical Society and the North Lanark Regional Museum in Appleton, Ontario (Town of Mississippi Mills). The majority of the research for this project was conducted at the North Lanark Regional Museum using the collection, archives, library and 2012 oral history interviews. The oral history interviews were part of the 2012 "Digitally Preserving the Past for the Future" project, funded by the Museums and Technology Fund through the support of the Government of Ontario, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. These oral interviews are a great source of local history. Summaries of the interviews are available on our website and the full interviews can be viewed on-site at the museum.

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