The 1974 Grey Cup champions.
Circa 1974
Molson Stadium, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


The first Grey Cup played in Olympic Stadium.
27 November 1977
Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


After losing the 1979 Grey Cup, The Alouettes returned to hard financial times, much like the 1960s. A new owner, Nelson Skalbania came along and had what he thought was a good idea. His idea was to bring in top players and form a super team. That idea did not work as the Alouettes failed to make the playoffs. In 1982, the next new owner Charles Bronfman came and he and the executives decided to revamp the entire franchise, dropping the Alouettes name, and wanted to be called The Montreal Concordes instead. As luck would have it, changing the name did not help the franchise.


Lloyd Fairbanks #66 Montreal Concordes jersey.


So in 1986, Montreal was re-established as the Alouettes. With re-establishing the Alouettes moniker, the on-field performance was less than stellar. In the 1986 season, Montreal finished with a 4-14 record and once again missed the playoffs. In a move that shocked everyone in Montreal and Canada, the Alouettes decided on the eve of the regular season to fold the franchise in 1987, citing poor finances and the team struggling on the field.

All was not lost for Montreal though. After Baltimore folded after the 1995 season, Montreal was awarded with professional football again. With a new ownership and a new life, the Alouettes came back and never looked back.