The story of Kirkland Lake is tied on many levels to the sport and spirit of hockey. Hockey has been an important part of this area's heritage, culture, and sense of identity. This historical attachment to hockey can be seen in the museums of Kirkland Lake, including Hockey Heritage North. Paintings, sculptures and murals around the town depict a hockey theme of achievements and hometown heroes - both as a way to remember, and to inspire the next generation. While all of Canada can claim hockey as "their game", Kirkland Lakers know that their town helped make hockey what it is today - a game for everyone, and the pride of an entire nation.

The following video highlights some of the sites that make up the unique hockey landscape of Kirkland Lake.


Kirkland Lake - a Hockey Town Slideshow
Circa 1930-2010
Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada

Video created by Nick Messier
Hockey Heritage North Archives