''Fine Country Folk''
Riverton, Manitoba


"Fine Country Folk" are still entertaining at present for special occasions, concerts, weddings and various other events. The three original band members are Dick Johnson playing bass guitar, keyboard, singing solo and back up vocal, Roy Gudmundson the lead singer, back up vocal and playing rhythm guitar, Gene Bodykevich playing drums, along with newest band members, Jenny (Johnson) Zagozewski playing keyboard, singing solo and back up vocal, Sigrid Palsson playing keyboard and singing back up vocal, Gord Stefanson playing lead guitar and singing country rock. Gord is also the band's original comedian. There is never a dull moment when these musicians are on stage.

"Fine Country Folk" have kept up the musical tradition of providing Riverton with entertainment. Due to their careers, performing isn't as frequent as it was a decade ago. However, the band is still in demand, and make the time around their busy routines to entertain and join together to share memorable events with friends and family.