The British Columbia Dragoons badge.
30 October 2004



Thank you for your interest in this exhibit.

This summary is based upon the definitive history of the BCDs to 1960 in Sinews of Steel by Dr. D. R. H. Roy, published in 1963. Originally drafted by Robert Groves, with subsequent revision by Honorary Col. J. Horn. Additional information submitted by: RSM D. Appleton; Col. D. Kinloch; Lt. Col. P. Nichita; Lt. Col. R. Young; RSM F. Cruickshank; Maj. H. Smerychynski; Capt. E. Dickins; Lt. Col. C. Stef; and Capt.s J. Stecyk and K. Cmolik.

The Okanagan Military Museum Society, The BCD Whizzbangs Association and the British Columbia Dragoons wish to thank the Canadian Heritage Information Network for the grant to create this Community Memories exhibit for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

All images and text are copyrighted to the Okanagan Military Museum (OMM), on behalf of the BCD Whizzbangs Association. November 2004

All technical services performed by Keith A. Boehmer, OMM Operation Manager.

Main script edited by Lt. Howard Hisdal MA, Regimental Historian, BC Dragoons.