The Ioco School Song
(sung to the tune of "The British Grenadiers")

They talk of other systems in elementary schools,
In America and Britain they have some worthwhile rules,
But in all the greatest systems
There's none comes anywhere near,
With a towrow row row row row,
The Ioco Elementary School

We cheer for dear IOCO a small and friendly school!
Oh! see the GOLD & PURPLE, our bright & shining jewel,
We work to help its progress
And raise its standards high,
We'll never let you die.

No matter how you view it IOCO has the name
From Vancouver to New Brunswick there's nothing quite the same.
In each provincial system,
There's good but not the fame,
For PURPLE & GOLD we have and hold,
IOCO has the name.


The Future of Ioco School

In 2004 Ioco School still stands, relatively unchanged with only the addition of a separate gymnasium and can be visited at the corner of Ioco Road and First Avenue. It is still being used by School District 43 as an alternative school.